Aloe Vera – not just for burns

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aloe vera

Many folks have probably heard of the medicinal use of the aloe vera plant.  Some people keep them in their house because they enjoy succulent plants and so they can use them for healing.  We used to have an aloe vera and I remember being told if there was a burn to break one of the steams off and rub the aloe gel on the burned area.  I always associated aloe with topical burns and wounds, until a year or so ago.

Over a year ago, my husband has having severe stomach pain.  He ended up being diagnosed with gastritis.  He was given a medicine prescription, but he also wanted a more natural and healthy alternative than modern chemicals.  The proprietor of a health foods store recommended he take an aloe vera juice that was formulated for the stomach.

Part of his stomach issues included a bloated feeling.  Once he started taking the aloe vera, he noticed it helped diminish the bloated feeling.  He also takes other natural based products and no longer takes aloe vera on a daily basis, but whenever his stomach is feeling un-easy, he takes it and it helps to sooth his stomach.

We begin telling some of our friends with digestion-related problems about the stomach formulated aloe vera juice.  One lady began taking it because of a stomach ulcer and it helped her enough that she recommended it to a friend with acid reflux.  A few days ago she happily told me it had helped her friend so much she was no longer taking acid reflux medicine.  She was using nothing except the aloe vera juice.

We knew other people who struggled with acid reflux.  One of my family members used to have it so bad that they slept sitting up most of the time.  So I was pretty excited to hear the possibility of it helping reduce or eliminate acid reflux.

I’m sure besides burns, wounds, acid reflux, and other digestive-related problem, that there are other uses for the aloe plant. If you use aloe vera for medical or health purposes, I’d love to hear what ways you use it.

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