“Branded” Boots

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branded boots

My mother always complained my choice of boots looked like boy’s boots.  These are not boy’s work boots for the tongue says Herman Survivors For Her. Still, to make them really look like girls work boots, I decided to “brand” them with hearts.


This was a really fun project. All you have to do it heat up the heart-shaped tip and brand the boot.

I had already been burning wood with a basic wood burning tool.  Then I bought a leather branding kit as well.  I do not think that they are currently making the kit I purchased, but a similar one would be this leather burner and this heart/star brand kit.  Having two separate burning tools is no longer necessary, because they now make one with a temperature gauge that can be turned low for leather and higher for wood.

There are a lot of neat possibilities with this idea.  Leather boots, belts, purses, and animal collars could be “branded.”  Here is a baby goat collar I branded with a star out of the kit.

leather burning

I used a standard tip to hand burn the initials.  However, there are also letter sets so you can brand letters.

Find some leather, grab a “branding” burner and personalize some projects or gifts!

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