Gift Ideas for the Homemakers and Homesteaders

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Gift ideas

Here are some gift ideas for the practical person.  I love pretty things.  I’m also very practical.  The older I get, the less I like “stuff.”  I wouldn’t quite fit into the minimalist camp, but headed in that direction!  While horse, goat, or flower figurines might be pretty, I do not enjoy moving all them to dust.  Plus, we just don’t have a whole lot of room for nick-knacks.  Homesteading generally requires lots of things, glass jars for canning, a miller for grinding flour, tools for gardening, a sewing machine for making clothes, and much more.  If you have a small house, the necessary things do not leave a lot of room for frivolous.

So how can the girlish desire for pretty things fit into a practical lifestyle?  Follow the old Victorian motto of, “Anything practical must also be pretty.”  Granted, all of our practical things are not pretty, but if you are looking for gift ideas for someone who likes pretty and practical, here are some of my gift ideas.

I love my glass cutting board with a painted goat scene.  It makes chopping vegetables more fun, plus it can stand up in my kitchen when not in use as a piece of art work.  Not everyone loves goats as much as I do, but there are cutting boards with cows, pigs, horses, sheep, chickens, birds and flowers.  The farm scenes ones make a nice gift idea for the homesteader.

Some people prefer wooden cutting boards.  I think this one is nice.

Every kitchen needs measuring spoons.  (Unless you are one of those amazing cooks that don’t need them. . .)  I enjoy having a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons.  You might as well scoop out a little extra love when cooking.

I recently saw this fresh egg holder and thought it was neat.  Fresh eggs do not have to be refrigerated and if they are going to be sitting on the counter, they might as well sit in style.

And for the homesteading homemaker, this is one of my favorite gardening books, the Joy of Gardening by Dick Raymond.  I discovered it a few years ago, about the time we started doing a market garden. This book has helped teach me how to maximize space in a small garden. Dick Raymond also has advice on planting as early as possible in the season and harvesting as late as possible.  Every year I reference it again at garden planning time and despite how many times I have, I learn something new that I had not picked up and put into practice previously.

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