Goat (or horse or any animal!) Embroidered Shirt

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goat shirt

Though it can’t been seen very well in this picture, I am wearing my hand embroidered goat shirt. On the front is a pack goat climbing down a mountain. On the sleeve is a cute kid.  If you know the basics of hand embroidery this is a simple project.  I used a washed out denim shirt, but most any kind of solid cotton shirt would work.

goat shirt

If you are artistic, you could draw your design.  Otherwise, find a goat drawing (or some other farm animal or flower) you like.  Detailed coloring books are a good source for such projects though finding goat ones are hard.  Anything with goats is hard to find.  That is one reason I made my own goat shirt.  Enough people must not like goats!  Horses are more popular.  Here is a nice detailed horse coloring book to use for a horse embroidery.

You would not have to feel daunted by the thought of embroidering the entire horse.  Just the horse head and neck would look nice on a shirt.  You could really customize it by embroidering a name underneath!

Trace your chose picture onto tracing paper/tissue paper.  Pin the tissue paper into position on the shirt.  With three strands of embroidery floss, stitch through the tissue paper and shirt in a simple outline stitch.

goat shirt

You can either do a simple solid color silhouette, or get a little more realistic changing colors to fit the picture.

goat shirt

Once you are finished, wet the paper to make it tear away from the stitching easier. Washing the shirt helps to get all the paper out from behind the stitching and helps to tighten up the stitches.

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