How to dry sage

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How to dry sage

Some people dry sage the old-fashion way of bundling up the stems and hanging them upside down to dry.  I tried this method once and ended up with some molded sage.  Maybe I just did not hang them in a good location, but whatever the reason for the mold, I no longer try to dry sage that way.

After the sage has been cut, I rinse it all under running water and lay it on a cookie cooling rack to dry a bit.  Then I pick each leaf off the steam and spread them out on a pan.  That is all there is to it.  I set the pan in an out of the way place and leave the leaves to dry for a week or two.

I think pulling the leaves off the stems helps them to dry out more quickly.  It also allows you to check each leave for a worm or bug that might have clung to the leave through the water rinse.  Any leaves that have dark spots or are bug chewed, I throw out.

Once the leaves feel dry, I place them in glass jars.  I crumble them with my hands as I need them.  They are then ready for homemade sausage or dressing!

how to dry sage

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