Persimmon Seed Buttons

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persimmon seed buttons

Did you know you can make buttons from persimmon seeds?  If you do much sewing, you know buttons can quickly add to the cost of a garment.  Back in the 1800’s folks made persimmon seed buttons and it is still and economical thing to do!

Persimmon seed buttons

The first time I made persimmon seed buttons, I picked ripe persimmons and proceeded to the messy job of squashing all them and picking out the seeds. That was the easiest part.  Washing off the slimy stuff which stays stuck on the seeds took a while.

Eventually, I made some progress in finding an easier way to clean the seeds.  If persimmons are picked before they are ripe, they are hard and the seeds come out without all the slimy stuff incasing them. The only way to get them before they are mushy ripe is to pick them out of the tree instead of waiting until they drop.

This may make picking a little more difficult since it might require a ladder.  However, once they are ripe, the slimy scum will not want to wash off.  It is better to peel it away while un-ripe and then all the seeds need is to be rinsed.

Persimmon seed buttons

Once the seeds are clean, it is time to punch button holes.  It is a bit time consuming, and it is likely several will split in the process and have to be discarded. You can experiment with what tool works best for you.  A couple to try is a large sewing needle, or a kitchen ice-pick.

Making persimmon seed buttons is a great way to save money on children’s clothes or work clothing.

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