Planting and enjoying Zinnias

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planting Zinnias

Zinnias would not have been one of my favorite flowers prior to this year, but this year I am learning to really appreciate and enjoy them.  Last year at market, someone gave me a packet of Zinnia seeds.  I had never grown Zinnias before, but since I had the seeds, they might as well be planted.

platning Zinnias

When I looked up information on planting Zinnias, I read they are best direct planted because their roots do not like to be disturbed.  However, we had such a late cold spring here, that waiting to direct plant the seeds outside was going to mean late blooming Zinnias.  So, I decided to start them inside.  I planted the seeds about 3/8 inch deep in egg shells.

Planting Zinnias

By the time they outgrew the egg shells, we still didn’t know where we were going to plant them on our new homestead, so I transplanted them to regular planter packs.  Once they outgrew their larger home, we had to decide where they were going!  The previous owners had laid down plastic between the house and walkway and had covered it with white rocks.  We decided to plant them there.  I pulled back the rocks in each spot and cut a hole in the plastic.  For the second time, I transplanted the Zinnia plants.  I pulled the rocks back up to their base and hoped for the best.

Planting Zinnias

Zinnias may not like their roots disturbed, but they took all my re-planting very well and have grown nicely.

Planting Zinnias

Here are some of the reasons I have learned to really like Zinnia flowers.  They are bright and colorful.  The packet of seeds was mixed colors of California Giant.  I love all the different colors of white, purple, yellow, orange, and red.

Planting Zinnias

They make nice cut flowers.  They hold up well and last several days as cut flowers.  Unlike some flowers, Zinnias are not to be picked while still opening their flower because they will open no further after they are picked.  This means you get to enjoy them fully bloomed and open in the garden before cutting them to enjoy them several more days as a bouquet.  They also keep producing more flowers.  Zinnias are not a single stalk flower.  If you cut a nice Zinnia stem, they will produce more flowers in new branch offs of the stem.  So I can enjoy bouquets of bright colored Zinnias on my table all summer while they keep producing more.

Planting Zinnias

Another nice thing about them is how long of a season they have.  Many flowers bloom a few short weeks and are gone.  The Zinnias have been blooming for several weeks and are still blooming.

Maybe if you try planting Zinnias you will enjoy them too!

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